The best optimists don’t close their eyes for bad possibilities. Rather, they prepare for the worst and then try to prevent it from happening as if they will succeed for sure.

So let’s look at worst-case scenarios with President Trump.

  1. Shifting the Blaming Onto the Jews

Trump has been praising Jews and Israel to the skies. When he falls, will he or his followers try to deflect attacks on them by blaming the Jews? Wouldn’t be the first time.

  1. Pogrom

Trump has been praising Jews and Israel to the skies. When he falls, will the populace be blaming the Jews? Wouldn’t be the first time in world history.

  1. Making Jews’ Hatred Popular

Trump did the impossible. After the first non-White president, he became the first openly racist US president in recent history. He broke the bigotry taboo. Did he clear the road for a (next) openly anti-Semitic president? Such trailblazing wouldn’t be a first in world history.

  1. An Anti-Semitic President?

After the Trump charade, the American public will be so ready for a Socialist president. I’m not say that’s bad. The US has really missed a Socialist input (compare it to Israel, which hadn’t) so that US work relationships still look like slave owners versus slaves. It would be most healthy for US society. However, the only Socialist candidate is an anti-Semite. (Anti-Zionism is reinvented Anti-Semitism.) Yes, he’s Jewish himself, but the world has seen Jewish anti-Semitic Presidents before.

Of course, miraculously, the American Public and Congress are pro-Jewish, despite an unrelenting anti-Israel media bias. That doesn’t mean that Jews’ hatred from the top down will not embolden Nazis – it will. Then more US Jews will emigrate to Israel, but it’s probably not worth it.

Now, stay optimistic, but be prepared. And try to impede disaster.

Breaking: Steve Bannon is out. Is Trump cleaning up his act or has Bannon become the fall guy for the White House’s alt-white?