A rabbi was brutally murdered in Miami in the harsh heat and light of a South Florida August day.

As the heat and humidity begin their surrender to October’s cooling morning breezes, we are reminded there has been no sustained passionate hue and cry from civil rights organizations demanding justice and no suspects or arrests from the Miami – Dade Police Department.

Sadly we’ve learned this isn’t a hate crime or simply a crime of murder that merits a thorough and active investigation.

Some nefarious Jewish lobby you say? Indeed! Apparently they’ve gone missing.

Use your voices to lobby for justice for the rabbi who wanted only to pray at a synagogue during the Sabbath. Use your voices to lobby the politicians and civil rights organizations to press the Miami-Dade Police Department for answers.

Ask yourself why the slaughter of Orthodox Rabbi Joseph Raksin, obm, has been met with deafening silence from so many quarters, then ask yourself who will speak for him.

Sometimes the guy wearing the black hat deserves justice and sometimes we need to speak loudly and often.

The new terribly warped state of world affairs and group think-which is nothing new at all- has once again labeled Jews as the root of all evil and once again it is politically correct and a veritable fashion statement to label Jews the expendables.

Don’t permit society to blame the victim because he is a Jew. It’s become far too easy, yet again.

Ask yourself why.