Imagine, just for one second, the global outrage that would have been sparked if Israeli leaders had threatened violent repercussions in the aftermath of a series of one-sided UN resolutions against Israel in 2016

Netanyahu may have verbally slammed the international community following on from these events, but at no point did he warn of brutal ramifications from his people as a result.

When the UN told Israel, that they had no claim to their most sacred site, did Israeli citizens storm the old city, stabbing random Palestinians in a twisted form of vengeance? No – Because their culture isn’t one of incitement and violence.

When the UN drafted an obscure resolution about settlements, rather than focusing on 500,000 dead in Syria, did the Jewish leadership implore their citizens to protest these measures by becoming holy warriors? No – Because their society respects the value of human life.

Yet, when the new US administration announces they plan to move their embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, the Palestinian leadership warn of violent ramifications, saying it will ‘cause’ another intifada.

Incitement causes violence, not moving an embassy 100km.

This isn’t about whether or not you believe Jerusalem to be Israel’s eternal capital.

It’s about confronting the normalization of threatening Palestinian rhetoric.

Threats of violence are not OK.

Double standards are not OK.

So, rather than asking whether moving the embassy is ‘bad for the peace process’ or ‘how many lives will be lost’ as so many articles have,  ask yourself how much longer you’re willing to put up with this type of threatening rhetoric.