Warning: Clicking on this video outside of Israel will make you want to book a vacation ASAP.

(You can also view the video here)

There – now you’ve been warned – proceed and you’ll take part in an interactive video experience where you get to choose how and where a young couple fall in love in Israel.

The clip was created by Tel Aviv University students – part of the StandWithUs Fellowship, an Israeli campus leadership program focusing on public diplomacy. 150 StandWithUs Fellows are chosen each year, from over 1,000 applicants, to take part in the program and create ideas to elevate Israel in the world.

They produced an interactive video clip using revolutionary technology by Interlude, the successful Israeli startup founded by Yoni Bloch, who previously worked with Bob Dylan. The video is translated to nine different languages: English, Italian, Portuguese, French, Russian, German, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic.

Users are able to chart the course of a love story between a tourist to Israel and someone he meets while on vacation. The clip features emerging actors including Yonatan Bashan. The catchy soundtrack is performed by Lola Marsh, an indie-pop band by creative duo Yael Shoshana Cohen and Gil Landau.


The beautifully-shot HD video takes in the landscape of Israel from north to south. Love blossoms for our young couple in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and the Galilee. Users have 7 seconds to click and choose which way they want the story to go. What they choose affects the outcome of where and how the couple fall in love.


The official launch of the online clip will take place at a special event held at the funky Google Israel office in Tel Aviv, and will be introduced by former Miss Israel Yityish Titi Aynaw.

You have 7 seconds to make your choice and play your part in an interactive Israeli love story: enjoy!

(You can also view the video here)