Traveling so far isn’t mean internationalisation. I studied International Relationships. I like the study of war, security, strategy, conflicts, politics and economy and I would like to use this blog to write about them. In my first post, I would like to share something that I have been observing as a short introduction, to give some idea of what kind of subjects and in what style I will be writing.

Traveling abroad is essential for somebody who studied International Relations and the first thing that caught my attention is that when you travel, it is supposed that you can expect new opinions, people sharing different points of view, that’s the aim. However, it was the contrary: the same way of thinking is prevalent almost everywhere.  I come from a country seen as undeveloped and poor, and there is not too much difference between my country and some that I have visited. There is not too much difference between a person from a developed and rich country and one from a poor one. The question is why, if the richest countries have better systems of education.

Freedom, freedom, freedom, democracy and liberalism everywhere — that is what I have been seeing and hearing in the news, from people, at the movies, everywhere that I go. So far in this journey, it can be seen how almost everybody is infected with the same thinking, almost unable to have different ideas. And is quite funny to hear that those who claim to be liberal and the heroes of the world are nothing other than ignorance itself talking. Why is the word “freedom” in a society that is scared of “other”?

Democracy perhaps is the cleverest ideal to make people think they are free, even though it might not be the truth, and it might be harmful for us. Have you ever seen the people’s face? We don’t know what we are doing anymore. And everything seems to be collapsing. In my early years, I saw how people battle with themselves to be greater, to change what they are. Looking to be unique when perhaps they only seem to be crazy. Maybe at the end that freedom is just an illusion and the more we try to control everything the more we hurt ourselves. In the United States, it is widely known how many problems freedom carries: extreme violence, sick sex, drugs, alcohol, and youth without sense of life.

Furthermore, how many wars are fought for resources to control everything or maybe just because one man thinks he is God? In the end, what do we have? Many people, dead and abused, complete families destroyed — in the name of freedom? On the international arena, they fight against tyranny. Wage war against it. Democrats are as dangerous as tyrants. They do the same thing, but worse, in my opinion, just with the consent of the people – which makes aggressive decisions, like invasion and military occupation, legal. Even though I’m not in favor of tyranny, which I would like to write about later, I think it is better to know the enemy that to be enchanted by him. Democracy is not perfect, some people could argue. But the problem is not perfection; it is the lie. The lie of States and how they preach it, thinking it is the only greatest ideology in all the World.

Personally, I’m not a fan of democracy, liberalism, freedom and tyranny, as you have read, because of what I have seen and heard.  And also I do not support those who disrespect other civilisations and their beliefs while trying to impose their own. However, feelings and thoughts are nothing without a research and a previous study. In the next blog post, I’ll try to share some of my opinions relating to war, conflict and security — fields supported by news, perhaps what I hear from other people, and what I see from the environment.

Thank you.