So in a rational world, who is the detriment to peace? A private entrepreneur who purchases real estate legally and works through court systems, or a government who kills anyone who sells to someone of another religion.  Of course, no one has ever accused the media of being rational when it comes to Israel. Under the headline of “Miami Beach Man’s Millions Thwart Middle East Peace”, Cherna and Irving Moskowitz were absurdly attacked by the Miami New Times this week. Delusional attack piece.

The Moskowitz family has worked tirelessly to ensure Jewish life in all areas of Jerusalem, investing millions of dollars along the way as ardent Zionists. Their charitable work helps many people worldwide of many different religions.  They have the legal and moral right to do what they do –the people who seek to kill Jews and make parts of Jerusalem Juden-rein are the impediments to peace.

While the article assails Moskowitz, it neglects truth and balance. The article said “The Fatah militants distributed a note in Jericho: We killed al-Hawa. We will kill any Arab who sells his land to a Jew. Under Palestinian Authority law, which governs the West Bank, it’s a capital offense to sell property to Jews. In the past two decades, dozens of Palestinians have been executed secretly — others publicly and legally.” 

These terrorists are the impediment to Middle East peace – they do not recognize Israel and seek to destroy the Jewish people. Nowhere is it said or implied that they are the ones impending peace. Is not Jewish-Arab co-existence precisely what the liberals call for? Jews wanting to buy land and live in Jerusalem causes uproar and is a disturbance to peace? Anywhere else in the world that is called racism.

Irving Moskowitz, a self-made Millionaire lives his life on the precept that “saving a person’s life is the same with saving the whole world.” The charity helps many people from different religions and races, from food banks to the American Red Cross, Long Beach City College to other social action programs. They should be admired by what they have done to make the world a better place.

None other than Prime Minister Netanyahu said “I want to say it clearly. We are living in the Jewish State. The capital of the Jewish state, for 3,000 years, has been Jerusalem.”  Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz have been in the forefront together with every single Israeli government ensuring that all areas of Jerusalem remain Jewish.  Working and investing in Jerusalem is a Jewish obligation and for that the entire Jewish world needs to thank the Moskowitz family.

Jerusalem is the holiest city in Judaism and the eternal capital of Israel.  The Miami New Times can join the United Nations in complaining – but it will not change the facts.  Judaism’s claim to Jerusalem doesn’t need anyone’s validation. Thanks are due to Cherna & Dr. Irving Moskowitz for all they have done for Jerusalem.