What are you? Are you “pro-Israel” or “pro-Palestine”?

I doesn’t matter who you support and why you do that? The only thing common among all the people is that everyone want to end this situation so that no more innocent civilians and soldiers will die.
But the question is “IS THERE A SOLUTION”?

“One-State Solution.” Some analyst advocate a one-state solution, in which Jews and Arabs would be joined in one state, with all inhabitants having the same citizenship – call it Israeli or Palestinian. But such a “solution,” as most observers know, is totally unacceptable to the Jewish population. Given the murderous hate expressed daily in state-controlled Palestinian media toward Jews, this would be a recipe for a second Holocaust. Within one generation, Arabs, with their high birth rate and inevitable immigration from abroad, would be a majority. They would unleash a civil war that would make the Lebanese and the Syrian wars seem like child’s play. The recent situation all over the world also demand that this might be a bad idea, be it the conflict with Kashmir Hindus in India or Kosovo Serbian Orthodox Christians in Europe.
With more than half the world’s Jews now living in Israel, Adolf Hitler’s most wanted wish would finally be fulfilled.

“Two-State Solution.” This second solution is favored by much of the world, including the U. S. government. But this solution is not much better than one state and almost as unacceptable to those who support the welfare and future of the Jewish state. The new Palestinian state would prohibit any Jews from being citizens, from owning land or from even living in the Muslim state of Palestine. The Ambassador of the PLO to the United States was asked during an interview whether “any Jew who is inside the borders of Palestine will have to leave?” His answer: “Absolutely”! .Thus a large migration could cause a difficult economical and political situation in the state of Israel. Who is to say that no one will take advantage of this situation.

“A mutual truce”.Israel has given its land in Gaza to the Palestinians in the name of peace and receives rockets in return. Israel has offered 97% of the West Bank and a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem in the name of peace and received rejection. Common theory suggest that most Muslim around the world support Palestinians and most Jews support Israel. This,ofcourse is natural but also the cause of main problem.Is the anger of “pro-Palestine” is really about Muslims getting killed or is it by the fact that it the action of a “Jewish state” which has caused these deaths. In last two years Bashar al-Assad has killed over 200000 Syrians, mostly Muslims. Why didn’t we see streets of Paris full of people protesting that? During Arab Spring many of the people were killed by their so called government. ISIS had killed over thousand people in last few weeks. Why we didn’t see people protesting that like the way they are protesting Operation Protective edge? It’s simple to assume that it’s not the people getting killed but it’s more about the person killing them.
Israel-Palestine conflict only get much attention because Israel is a Jewish state. This show us that our views are not guided by the current action, situation or reasons but by where we are born? and what kind of society we were brought up?And to which religion we follow?The Muslim people in Middle Eastern are brought up with the belief to hate Jews and Israel.
The chances that this thinking of people will change is very less and so are the chances of a peaceful middle east. It’s time the Arabs acclimate to a status quo of their own making and take advantage of living next to one of the most successful countries in the world. In any case they must accept that their dream of Israel’s annihilation will never be fulfilled.