The terror attack itself is not good, mind you. However, some good came out of the attack. For example:

  1. People like Mahmoud Abbas and John Kerry actually (and hopefully geuinely) condemned the terror attacks.
  2. Other people may be beginning to see groups like Hamas for whom the groups really are.
  3. Many Haredim and other Jews refused to stereotype, and they considered Zidan Nahad Seif a goy tzedek who cared about piku’ach nefesh. They could’ve said, “Look! All Arabs, even the Druze, are suspect now;” and they didn’t.
  4. Other people may also be beginning to see that ZAKA Chariman Zahav is right:

“I’ve seen disaster scenes that were a lot worse with more fatalities, but to see Jews with beards and pe’ot (sidelocks) wrapped in teffilin (phylacteries), surrounded by puddles of blood – I do not remember seeing such a sight. This is not a cliché, it’s the reality. We have only seen things like this happen in the Holocaust.“

As others have said before, groups like Hamas want the Holocaust to happen again and even worse to happen. Since “‘[w]e have only seen things like this happen in[, among other significantly-magnitudinous Anti-Semitic incidents,] the Holocaust’,” maybe even more people will take points about the Hamas Charter and similar documents seriously.

They may also think about how dangerous the Arabocentrism of groups like Hamas is (which I wrote about today and with which I will update this positing with the link to it.).