Dear Israel,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry about our President, who time and time again have spat in the face of your Prime Minister and your people, treating you as an enemy instead of a valued friend.

I’m sorry about our Democratic Congressman and Senators who are trying to shove an Iran deal down your throat that openly jeopardizes your very existence and the security of your borders.

I’m sorry about our Secretary of State, who devalues Jewish lives and fails to blame the daily horrid terror attacks on the true perpetrators, the Palestinians and their government.

I’m sorry about his wife, who funds an organization that spreads hatred and misconceptions about your people and your military.

I’m sorry about our President’s administration, who is enraged when an American-Palestinian protester is harmed by Israeli police, but is deafeningly silent when a Jewish student is murdered in cold blood in your streets.

I’m sorry about our liberal mainstream media, that reports your terrorist attacks as miniscule occurrences, and constantly approaches your fight against Islamic terror from a negative, bigoted point of view.

I’m sorry about our academic institutions, that are flooded with animosity towards your very existence and the well being of your people.

I’m sorry about J-Street, that claims to be “pro-Israel”, yet throws your government under the bus more than it condemns Palestinian terror.

I’m sorry about the BDS Movement, Students for Justice in Palestine, and Code Pink, among other organizations, that claim they are pro peace, yet when a Jew is hacked to death in the street they remain silent.

I’m sorry for all these things, and much more.

However; Israel, amidst all these things you are still not alone. There are still millions of us in the United States who love you, who care about your people, and who worry about the security of your borders.

Israel, do not fear. While you go through the stages of a violent stabbing intifada, many of us take note, and many of us fear for your safety. We understand the daily struggles of your people, and the constant fight to ensure that the Jews have a future in their undisputed homeland.

Israel, you are not alone now, and you will never be.