Hate (And I mean deep, real ,if you were burning and I had a cup of water I would drink it hate) is a deeply irrational emotion. And I think that’s where the saying “Cutting off ones nose to spite ones face” comes from. You see people inflicting real damage and real harm on themselves and to their loved ones just as long as the person they hate is also affected.

The early Zionists were idealists, they understood that they were arriving in Palestine to meet a potentially hostile population, but they believed that a combination of factors; their innovation, determination and ultimately good sense would convince those neighbours to settle down and accept that the Jews were here to stay. And for a while it even seemed like that was possible

Chaim Weizmann and Emir Faisal (signed the Faisal-Weizmann agreement)

Chaim Weizmann and Emir Faisal (signed the Faisal-Weizmann agreement)  (Courtesy of Google)

Somewhere along the line something happened that changed all that. The Arabs swore to annihilate the Jews, there were wars and, well, we all know what happens in this story.

But that is not the subject of this article. This article is about how hatred can make us completely blind and oblivious to what is painfully obvious to a neutral observer.

In 1947 it was very obvious that the Jews would any day now announce their own state within Palestine, it was also obvious that the Jews were adept at state building (Not unlike the Kurds today). They had patiently waited for the stars to align and for the conditions to be right before they did, but in the meantime they weren’t twiddling their thumbs. They had built an army, a civil service, a civil society. In fact, they were, in effect, a state within the British mandate of Palestine in all but name. The Arabs didn’t like it one bit and did everything possible to scuttle the plans the Jews had made through various means. From this side of history, I can’t help but wonder a few things;

First, what if the Arabs had succeeded in scuttling the creation of a Jewish state? What exactly would be the state of the Middle East and the world today?

Second, what if the Arabs had responded favourably to the words in the Israeli declaration of independence calling for peace and cooperation and decided “Well, this sucks, but murdering people is never a good choice, and besides the Christian Bible and The Koran both state that the Jews seem to have originated from here, lets try this living together thing.”

Third, what if the Arabs “Resisted” forcefully and refused to accept any form of Jewish presence in their midsts.

Now it is very obvious that without the Jews gathering together in their ancient homeland 60 years ago and re-establishing sovereignty the world would be a very different place from what it is today. Think of the innovations, the breakthroughs, the discoveries and what not that came from the Jews establishing a powerbase once again. I am not saying that without Israel there won’t be these innovation, what I am saying is that without Israel the creation of these things would have taken a very long time and may have come out in a different way than they are today.

Also, the Jews of Mandatory Palestine may have kept fighting if they had been defeated in ’48 and the results will most likely be very similar to what we have today, sans the innovation.

Let’s look at the second scenario, the Arabs accept the Jews and they create some kind of political entity between the River and the Sea. I close my eyes, I think about it and I can only see good outcomes. The Jews learning from the Arabs how to resettle in the region of their origin, the Arabs learning from the Jews the expertise and knowledge they brought with them from Europe and America, one side complementing the other. The Temple Mount/Haram Al Sharif turning into a Center for world peace and ecumenism. Such lost opportunities.

Instead what happened? The Arabs declared to anybody willing to hear that come what may they would make sure they destroyed these filthy Jews (who had all of a sudden become foreigners in Palestine). The Jews militarized and fought off attack after attack and the world is what is today.

Africans have a proverb that goes “It is only a tree that hears that it is about to be cut down and stays in one place.” The Jews heard the rhetoric coming out of the Arab world and decided that the only way they could keep their hard fought statehood was to become the most powerful state in the region. The first attack against the Jews in 1948 may be understandable if not excusable, but what about the second, third, fourth? And sadly the rhetoric of hatred and constant violence has hardened the hearts of the people against each other to the point that it was probably easier to make peace in 1948 than it is today

The Arab states and Arab people made Israel the unstoppable force it is today. They fostered the sense of solidarity that Jews the world over feel to Israel. They destroyed what would have created a golden age of the children of Abraham in the world simply because of HATE. A hate which they make sure to transmit to their kids, thereby destroying a new generation before they have even had a chance  to decide what exactly they would like to do about their lives and exactly how they would like to react to the circumstance into which they were born.

Each Jew killed by Palestinian terrorists is a tragedy to the state of Israel but I believe a bigger tragedy to the Palestinian people. It bites away another inch of their humanity, delegitimizes their cause and of course pushes the establishment of their state even further than it already is. I could go so far as to say that each Palestinian terror attack against Israel is a self-inflicted wound, and when a body has too many wounds, it will eventually die.

If the Arabs had accepted the Jewish state in Palestine 60 years ago, the name of that state may have even been Palestine.

If the Arabs had accepted the Jewish state in Palestine 60 years ago, the most popular export from the region would have been Jaffa Oranges

People like to compare the Palestinians to the American Indians, and while I do not subscribe to that analogy for those that do, look at where the American Indians ended up today.