Even while the army and foreign affairs officials argue about whether Bar Rafaeli is an apt face for an overseas PR campaign, there’s no one in Israel running the show.

And now, the public relations efforts of Israel are so poor that even the Rabbis have taken notice.  Rabbi Yisrael Lau, the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv and Chairman of Yad Vashem has called on the Israeli government to do more to support public Relations work.  As he said, “…we should invest in sending our finest representatives, role models of IDF service and Youth Movement membership as the champions of our national cause to educate the Diaspora and enhance its Jewish inspiration and Zionist motivation.” He says these efforts amongst other activities will increase support for Israel worldwide.  Doesn’t take a PR expert to know that he is right.

Clearly, Rabbi Lau’s words are – and will continue to – fall upon deaf ears. The nation that doesn’t use outside expert PR firms, doesn’t spend nearly enough time, effort or money, doesn’t have a universal PR message….also doesn’t have a head of public relations for the government.  And all the Jewish organizations who complain about Anti-Israel media can also complain that it is in part because of political deals which the Prime Minister made. And they’d be right.

The ministry has cut back on many missions internationally and had serious budget cuts – as other countries continue to run wide-ranging, very effective PR campaigns. Netanyahu is regretfully retaining the seat of Minister of Foreign Affairs for his political ally Avigdor Lieberman – who is on trial for fraud and breach of trust.

In the meantime, Israel’s reputation will continue to be hurt. Public Relations is a necessity – but they can’t expect to win the all-important battle of the media when there isn’t anyone in charge.  Could anyone ever envision a situation whereby there’s no head of the Defense Ministry? In today’s world, image is everything and it is unconscious able that no one is heading the Foreign Ministry.

This is one time where the Rabbis must be obeyed.