As one who makes a living owning a PR Agency, there are so many challenges for Israel’s PR. It can be changed – and there are many worthwhile people working to improve Brand Israel.
Some interesting and relevant quotes on the topic:

  • “Israel’s brand image does not serve its interests right now.” Ido Aharoni
  • “Country positioning is mistakenly referred to sometimes as “nation branding.” Country positioning is what you do in order to improve the positioning of your place, of your country, as opposed to your competition.” Ido Aharoni
  • It’s a marketing nightmare, without a single gun being fired: Consistent appearances in the public arena reinforcing an overwhelmingly negative image.” Daniella Peled
  • “My objective is to sell Israel as a quality wine-producing country, a New World wine country in one of the oldest wine producing- areas on Earth.” Adam Montefiore
  • Americans “find Israel to be totally irrelevant to their lives and they are tuning out…particularly 18-34 year old males, the most significant target.” David Sable
  • “Israel is so much which PR doesn’t capture – the warm people, the gathering of the exiles, the great food, the home cooked mentality and so many other great things about the land of milk & honey. Now only if we can get CNN & the BBC to recognize it.” Ron Hershco
  • “Rebranding a country can take 20 years or more. It involves more than just generating more positive stories about Israel. The process has to be internalized and integrated, too. Israelis must share in and believe in what we promote.” David Saranga
  • “Israel decided to focus on public diplomacy, and to research the country’s values, personality and global potential. I was hired to bring it to life.” Gil Lavi
  • We know misperceptions of Israel are rampant in the media; ordinary citizens across the globe see Israel cast as yet another violent nation in a region steeped in unrest and war.”

Let’s hope with the Jewish New Year that the new beginning brings more positive media to Israel.

Ronn Torossian