It’s no secret that Donald Trump has been able to manipulate the media in a way that affords him the opportunity to control the news-cycle, more often than not. But it’s also no secret that there has been no love lost between the media and President Trump, and his communications office.

Trump and his administration have portrayed the media as the opposition party. They’ve effectively instilled a great deal of animosity in their supporters toward the media. Have labeled much of their negative coverage of the President and his Whitehouse as “fake news.”

Ultimately, whatever one might think about these tactics — the strategy is clear. Delegitimize the media so that whatever negative coverage they might generate; will be discredited, at least in part. From recent conversations with pro-Israel activists, I’ve heard some interesting insight concerning the prospect of Israel treating those media outlets that have been increasingly adverse toward her, in their coverage – the very same way.

The media has a role to play. But ultimately, writ-large in its coverage of Israel, they have not and continue not to be fair. It’s time for Israel to push back against this troubling trend. It’s gone on for far too long; and has remained unchecked until now. The following are some leaders in their respective fields discussing the role media has to play and how to manage its biases.

“The media is desperately afraid of being accused of bias.” Paul Krugman

“Naturally, people – especially in America – live in the moment and, given the “crisis” orientation of cable news, think that (the 2000s are) the worst period the country has ever gone through.” Ivan Eland

“It’s important to employ public relations strategies in any business, to manage the media. They cannot go unchecked.” Robbie Rothenberg

“Treat your mind like a museum. Not a warehouse.” Ignassen Mather

“There needs to be a balance struck in pushing back against media coverage that is unfair and deceptive. If not, you are setting up a dangerous precedent.” Ben Landa

“I am on the right wing of the middle of the road and with a strong radical bias.” Tony Benn

“As an ardent zionist and supporter of Israel, I believe Israel must be far more forceful in counteracting the anti-Israel bias that exhibits itself in media coverage, far too regularly.” Robbie Rothenberg

“I think, though, that people will read into a reporter’s story a bias that they want to see in a reporter.” Garrett Graff

“Although no business can expect to be treated totally fairly by the media, expecting reasonable coverage is not unrealistic.” Moshe Lax