Israeli F-16 'Barak' on combat patrol.

Israeli F-16 ‘Barak’ on combat patrol.

When I first woke up this morning, I followed my usual routine of grabbing a cup of coffee and scrolling through BBC International News. Something that caught my eye was the headline: ‘Israeli jets ‘strike near Damascus.” I was wondering why that headline was #1 for the majority of the day, we do things like that all the time to prevent Hezbollah from acquiring more weapons to add to their stockpile.

Then I realized how much unnecessary and negative attention Israel gets in the international media. Whenever Israel does something really good and contributes something meaningful to the world, we get snubbed by the media.

Nobody from BBC or CNN will ever acknowledge all the good that Israel does. Israel is on the frontlines of finding cures for certain diseases, Israelis are currently in West Africa combating the Ebola epidemic. Guess who didn’t report that? BBC and CNN. Israelis do so much good. Why can’t we get better representation in the media, Israel is not  pro-war, that is not all there is to Israel. Israel is a beautiful country, with so much culture and kind people. BBC, when you only report on the war torn and negative aspects of a nation, you do it no justice, you only force a growing international resentment towards said nation. Please represent everyone justly.