It’s always amusing to read the articles on the leftist Jewish website, 972MAG. Amusing, oftentimes sad to see the submissiveness of Israeli Jews to the extent that it becomes “self-hate”. Yesterday, I discovered an example of this that would, too, be amusing if it were not sad.

Daniel Seidemann, a leftist Israeli activist, was hit by a rock on Saturday and required stitches in his head. He wrote a ‘sentitive response’ on social media that was republished by 972MAG in a sympathetic way. Please read below and tell me if you find Daniel’s reflection on being hit by a rock as courageous, or extraordinarily delusional.

The rock that hit me yesterday was not directed at me, personally. Most likely, it was hurled because I am an Israeli – the occupier. It’s also possible that it’s because I am a Jew, irrespective of the occupation. We will never know. But the wonderful people who visited me today are living under occupation. My occupation. I deserve no special dispensation for my “good behavior.” They owe me no apologies.As long as the occupation exists, events like this will happen and no one is exempt from them. I don’t romanticize the prick that cracked my head open. But I don’t find it particularly important if he is or is not apprehended. (OK – I do fear that he might have just been practicing on me, and that more deadly violence can be expected of him in the future). But this ends not when Palestinians behave better, or when our Shin Bet becomes more efficient. It ends when occupation ends. Until then, I remain a symbol of that occupation, and not without reason. And no good deeds, as it were, will redeem me or protect me.

As a 16 year old with my whole life ahead of me, I did not want to be confrontational or controvertial with what I write on this blog. I should not make enemies. But in light of what I read, I have to ask; did the rock to the head affect Mr. Seidemann’s sanity, or if he was of such a submissive disposition before it hit his head? In any case, the dross that you just read in the last paragraph is not a fabrication. It is a genuine, sad example of leftist submission and self-dehumanisation.

The “Uncle Tomer” attitude of this submissive Israeli is openly admitted. Seidemann says “there is I deserve no special dispensation for my ‘good behavior’.” Good behaviour being a synonym for submission, and as having full acceptance of the Arab ‘pure victim’ narrative. The Arabs are the victims, even when they attack, assumes Seidemann. They would, sadly, be victims in Mr Seidemann’s eyes if the rock blinded him, deafened him, or anything to that effect. Such is the naivité of someone with this viewpoint.

His statement also has a roaring spark of disingenuity. The statement “I don’t find it particularly important if he is or is not apprehended” may present a typical peacenik “turn the other cheek” image. That is, until the hypocrisy of the statement is exposed immediately as he follows up his comment with “OK – I do fear that he might have just been practicing on me, and that more deadly violence can be expected of him in the future”. He admits the hatred and the murderous intent, and then goes on to justify it. He admits that the same hatred that propelled an arm to throw a rock at his head is the same hatred that fuels the rockets that hit Israeli towns like Sderot and Ashkelon, and then accepts it. Forgive the vulgarity, but this is the equivalent of bending over and spreading his legs out in a prison shower room screaming “I’m in prison, I deserve whatever happens to me!”. This vulgarism is comparatively tasteful after reading Seidemann’s ‘reflections’.

It becomes worse when he says “nobody is exempt”. Indeed, the ‘prick’ that cracked Mr Seidemann’s head open would probably crack open his mother’s, father’s, brother’s, child’s heads if he had the chance. As he said, nobody is exempt. Nobody is exempt, but he accepts their dehumanisation, receiving it gladly by calling himself a “symbol of the occupation”. Quite right. They do not see him as a human. They see him as an animal, an occupier, and that he label himself as a ‘symbol of the occupation’ shows that his delusion extends to self-dehumanisation. He justifies their world-view, and he names himself as an “occupier” with sickening empathy. I imagine a slave being beaten by his master, saying “I deserve it” as he is kicked into the ground.

That said, I would be wrong to comment on these ‘rock concerts’ and avoid mentioning the prick who almost murdered the beautiful little girl Adele Biton with a rock to her head earlier this year. She was three years old when she was aggressively attacked, which ended in a coma. Was she a symbol of any occupation? I, like anyone with a normal sense of humanity, am rather compelled to say that she was very much one of us. A human. She was a human child that was attacked with full intent, and the fact that she is still alive today is a genuine miracle. She a child who most likely didn’t know the word “milchama” (war) when she was hit. I am relatively sure that she does now. Nobody is exempt from the ‘Palestinian Rage’ and it’s brutal consequences. Nor are the Arabs exempt from a very different kind of occupation.

Adele Biton, 3 year old victim of a rock attack

The occupation of which Seidemann speaks is different than the one I blame for this incident and all incidents of this nature. I speak of an Arab occupation of hearts and minds, where hatred of Israelis is taught in the same classrooms as math and science. The word ‘occupation’ is nothing more than an excuse for the enabling of unbridled Arab aggression against the most innocent of people and is caused not by the security fence, not by checkpoints, but by the hatred that occupies Arab classrooms, PA television, and the minds of aggressors such as the one that assaulted Daniel Seidemann.

It ends when the occupation ends, he writes. Daniel is absolutely correct. When the word ‘occupation’ is no longer bandied around to incite hatred or at least in order to legitimise violence, then and only then will the violence end. Then, and only then, will the rocks and rockets stop flying. And as long as Israelis such as Daniel Seidemann maintain such a submissive mentality and try to convince more people to accept the notion of an “occupation”, they should be seen to be just as complicit as the people who throw the rocks that wound.

Get well soon, Mr. Seidemann. G-d forbid that you are hit by another rock. But if you are indeed hit again, I hope it wakes you up from your delusional, self-hating slumber.