Israel is indeed an unbelievable country – it’s the land of modern miracles.  The country does have a stigma which deters tourist –the pesky continued Israeli-Arab conflict, and what people think of the country is biblical history. Generally, tourists who haven’t been to Israel perceive Israel as about “war or holy relics.”

One thing Israel can’t be oblivious to is that sex and beauty sells – and something to take advantage of which barely got any media attention – a travel magazine which recently said Israel has the sexiest men and women.

Traveler’s Digest and their newly-published list of where the world’s sexiest men call home said that Tel Aviv has the 10th best looking men in the world: “Due to its enviable proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, artistic Bauhaus architecture, high-end dining, and a contemporary cultural scene, Tel Aviv has become a hot spot for trendsetters worldwide. Local cuties flaunt their fit bodies –-made all the better by their year-round tans– at any of the numerous beaches and cafés found on the 10-mile seaside strip.” It’s a land brimming with good looking people – and yet another trait to be flaunted.

And for all of us hot-blooded males out there, Tel Aviv’s women ranked as the 7th sexiest in the world: “there’s just something about dark features and green eyes that is exotic and appealing… Tel Aviv is the focal point of Israel’s youth culture and nightlife scene, so it makes sense that the most beautiful girls in the country can be found lounging on the city’s Mediterranean beaches and in its happening night spots.” As Bar Rafaeli, Natalie Portman and others are known for, Israeli women are indeed very beautiful.

Any Public Relations Agency would state that Travel Publicity is quite competitive – sex sells and this is a great differentiator which shows Israel for the beautiful country (and people) they have.  Add it to the arsenal when marketing Israel.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR, a Top 25 PR agency.