“We must change the way of life for the residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Shut off the power for a few days and you’ll see that suddenly all the world leaders will come and ask: ‘Why did you turn off the power?’ And then maybe we can tell them: ‘Sorry, didn’t you know three teenagers were kidnapped?’”

Who is this speaking? Some simple-minded “Israel always right” fellow on the street? Someone who doesn’t read the newspapers and see the international reaction – not to mention the reaction is Israel’s newspapers – to Israel savaging the entire Palestinian west bank population? No, it’s Danny Danon, Deputy Defense Minister!

There must be a secret competition between Ministers. Foreign Minister Liberman has had a clear lead up to now. But wait! Here comes Danny Danon! Who can win and be the greatest embarrassment to the State of Israel? Tune in tomorrow for the latest results.