Israel’s Remembrance Day for the Fallen and Victims of Terror, 2014

Israel is ME-1

On Sunday, April 4, 2014, at Stephen S. Wise Temple, Los Angles, the Consulate General of Israel West Coast held the Remembrance Day ceremony for the 23,169 fallen in Israel’s wars and 2,495 victims of terror, a total of 25,664 dead Jews, war heroes and innocent citizens.

Because of the State of Israel and Israel Defense Forces (IDF), which is the backbone of the country, each Jew, wherever he or she lives, can stand taller, prouder and is more secure.

Our gratitude to those who made the ultimate sacrifice is to be worthy of them.

Without honoring our heroes we dishonor ourselves.

May G-D bless the State of Israel and the nation that dwells there.

Milken school choir-2014

Milken school choir-2014