Many women are coming forward saying “me too.” I have been asked by many readers to write an article regarding what we have learned from Harvey Weinstein and his behavior. If you don’t agree with me please don’t attack me for my opinions.

Harvey Weinstein, is a man. By nature, men chase women and want to have sex with them. Judaism is aware of man’s nature and speaks vehemently regarding human behavior. Many women state that they can dress any way they wish and flirt all they want and when they say “no” it means no. The problem is men and women are not the same. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Jewish law prides itself upon its laws of modesty. The Rabbis understood the different nature of men and women. Men must be taught from a very young age, by their parents, that women must be respected. Women must be taught by their parents, how to stand up to men and even physically defend  themselves and how to judge a man regarding his values and respect for women. It is important for women to understand they cannot change the basic nature of a man. Unfortunately many men and women feel that by using their sexual prowess they can gain access to power and wealth. In the end, their reward might turn into a hell of degradation.

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg