Confession: this is more of a rant than eloquent analysis. J Street is deserving of no such eloquence.

There is something about seeing your own turn against you that gets the blood boiling unlike anything else. I guess that’s why the radical Islamists save their greatest displays of torture for their own people, as the world recently saw when they caught a Jordanian pilot fighting against them. While I can’t even begin to understand what causes a human being to act in such physically violent ways toward another living thing, I can imagine the hatred behind it because this is exactly how I, and much of Israel, feel toward J Street (with the obvious and necessary disclaimer that we wish them no physical harm).

We know we can’t stop the anti-Israel activity J Street is pushing for this week at their pathetic little conference (and having the chief-of-staff of a pathetic Obama administration speak at your event does not make it any less pathetic). But we can certainly destroy your claim to be pro-Israel in the process.

There is a proud and vocal leftist movement in Israel who believes in the same ideology as J Street, and works to pressure the Israeli government into taking some of the same steps that J Street would like it to take. They’re not very popular in Israel, either; however, these are ISRAELIS pressuring the ISRAELI government.

So why shouldn’t Americans pressure their American government to do the same?

They should. Americans should do whatever they feel is in their country’s best interests. But that’s not what J Street is doing. They’re pushing the American government to act against Israel because they believe that is what’s in Israel’s best interests.

They’re pushing for America to punish Israel at the UN for the impasse in negotiations with the Palestinians. They want to force Israel out of land that keeps Israelis safe from a third front of rocket attacks opening up against them. They endorse the current deal shaping up on the Iranian nuclear issue – which many Israelis consider suicidal – and are against keeping any military option on the table as a means of enforcing it. And on top of endangering the security of the state of Israel, they’re also sewing division within the Jewish community, discouraging bipartisan American political support and telling everyone that they need to choose a side.

Hey, J Street – if that’s what you want, you got it.

I don’t know how any logical thinking person can make a conclusion that this group is a pro-Israel organization. Israel has a very healthy democracy as shown by last week’s election that produced a 72% voter turnout, resulting in a bell curve across the political spectrum with a strong center and small-party representation on the fringes. The left has a voice in Israel and they exercise it to the fullest extent possible each and every day.

I am shocked (but not really) at the level of chutzpah J Street portrays when they, as Americans, claim to know better than Israelis – better than the democratically elected government, better than the population that lives here and has suffered through war after war for 67 years – what’s good for our country, and then states proudly how they’re going to make it happen.

What an appalling stance to take for a group who claims to champion democratic values. You want an example of someone who is pro-Israel, yet found the perfect way to exercise her voice that demonstrates she does not support the current government? One of my all-time favorite comediennes, a love I share with many, is Sarah Silverman. With just one tweet, Sarah showed the entire Jewish world how to positively influence the Israeli government from afar without doing any negative damage to the country within:

You don’t agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu and his democratically-elected Likud party? Flood the internet with support for his opposition. Work to convince the Israeli electorate that parties like Meretz and Labor are good for the country. Do everything in your power to influence the social conversation positively – and understand that there is a very thin line between supporting the opposition and opposing the country.

For a Jew to work so proactively against the state of Israel is an act of tribal treason by any sense of the word, which is why I don’t consider any member of J Street to be a real Jew. They are nothing more than evil little Chamberlains who have the audacity to try and impose their poolside policy on Israel from the safety of their North American shores.

However, I’m done arguing the illegitimacy of so-called “Jews” who belong to anti-Israel groups like J Street. If you want a more detailed and academic viewpoint of the damage J Street is doing to Israel, then I invite you to read the brilliant writings of Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz.

Since J Street believes we all must choose a side, the main point I would like to get across here is the emotional and visceral hatred so many Israelis, and Jews around the world, feel toward J Street. It has nothing to do with blind love for the country and everything to do with the safety and security of our homeland. You’re playing with our lives and the lives our loved ones, and you should know that we will never forget it. Ever.

It’s important for the entire world to know – and for every Jew to scream from the rooftops of their synagogue – that J Street is NOT a pro-Israel organization, and NOT a part of mainstream Jewish society. They are an enemy in denial. Whether they realize it or not, they are taking actions that are dangerous to the physical security of the state of Israel, and every Jew from LA to New York to Paris and Tel Aviv should condemn them and banish them from the Jewish movement forever.

As a citizen of Israel I say this to every single member of J Street:

You are not welcome in Israel. Do not come on Birthright. Do not consider making Aliyah. Keep doing what you’re doing from your safe little haven in DC, because you are persona non grata in the country you claim to love so much.

We don’t need “Jews” like you in our midst. We don’t want your money and your false claims of support. We detest you and everything you stand for. No matter how much you may believe in your hearts that you’re working for the good of Israel, we consider you on the same side as Hamas, the Ayatollahs of Iran and every other anti-Israel organization working to end our existence.

J Street, you declared war on Israel the day you opened your doors.

The next time you pray, please face Gaza, not Jerusalem.

It doesn’t take a rabbi to know you’re no Jew.