Rape is an act of violence and no woman is in any way responsible if she is raped. As a Rabbi, my opinions are based both upon the laws of our legal system and the ethical teachings of our Torah and Rabbis.

Jewish law recognizes the innate differences between men and women both physically and emotionally. Accordingly it states that men have certain physical urges and women should abide by certain rules in recognition of this fact and to preserve the sanctity of the relationship between men and women.

Women and girls should dress modestly, not have physical contact before marriage, and during marriage follow specific marital laws. From an early age Jewish girls and young women are taught to respect their bodies and the relationship they have with their future husbands.

Judaism recognizes the joy in a healthy marital sexual  relationship but puts fences around both men and women before and after marriage. These fences are a concrete reminder to both sexes to think before acting on any urges.