California Shifted to Latino Majority Population This Month

California shifted to a Latino majority population this month

Avi Issacharoff’s Op-Ed: It’s time to say it out loud: The Israeli right has won — a temporary, pyrrhic victory that has set Israel on the path to becoming a Muslim-majority state

“The watershed line seems to have been crossed. The two-state solution is no more. No Palestinian state will exist here beside the State of Israel”.

The words of Avi Issacharoff, The Times of Israel’s Middle East analyst, fills the same role for Walla, the leading portal in Israel, pointed out the creation of a geography, some of which includes the California-like ‘Wine Route’ in the West Bank.

This has created a Jewish settlement belt that the burgeoning Jewish settler population, currently more than four hundred thousand, will be impossible to evacuate and without a separate Palestinian state, the natural, higher demographic increase of the adjacent Muslims will ultimately result in the creation of a Muslim state in place of Israel.

What is fascinating to me is that the sorts of scenery one would expect to find in California Wine Country are also being created by the disproportionately influential American Jewish expatriate settlers of the West Bank.  As California’s reliance on Latino labor to toil in it’s vineyards has resulted in last month’s consensus declaration by demographers that California has a Latino majority, so the similar process is being foreseen by one of Israel’s leading M.E. analysts.