The Temple Mount is a hotbed of controversy these days. With live-streaming cameras just the latest point for debate. Though yearning for the rebuilding of the temple is not up for debate, our current relationship with the Temple Mount is far from clear cut. In recent years, the number of Jews who visit the Temple Mount has grown dramatically. Moreover, some Jewish groups have petitioned for the right to worship on the mount, a practice that is forbidden under the present arrangement.

Starting today I will be hosting an ongoing panel between three participants representing three different positions in the Jewish community: Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer, Rabbi Yehuda Glick and Professor Shaul Magid. My guests will address the various dimensions of Jewish presence on the Temple Mount and discuss what Jewish sovereignty over the mount means, and ought to mean, today. The conversation will develop live over the next day or so, you can check back on the link or click the button below to follow and get updates.