As a Zionist it irks me tremendously to read anew about “obstacles in the peace plan,” and the problem of Jewish “settlements.”  American Secretary of State John Kerry in Israel’s capital of Jerusalem lecturing Israel about so-called “illegal” building isn’t pleasant to hear about.

As an author and Public Relations professional, the spin can be quite apparent as a simple answer: The problem with peace in the Middle East is the Jews. If Jews were not in the Middle East, there would surely be peace. While John Kerry, the European Union and others may obfuscate the notion using diplomatic words and terms, the bottom line is clearly what many within the Palestinian leadership circles regularly imply.

Settlement ConstructionThis most recent attack on Israel’s so called “settlement construction” would not be a problem if Jews stopped having children, and experiencing natural population growth. Numbers don’t lie – so if Jews just stopped having kids, then Israel would not need extra homes, right? Would it magically stop if Jews stopped building? The Palestinian Charter still calls for the end of the Jewish presence in the Middle East, Iran still funds terrorists in Lebanon and Syria and Mahmoud Abbas himself said only a week ago “We don’t accept the Jewish state or the Jewishness of the state…This is something that we won’t accept.”

The Jewish residents of Israel want the right to live as Jews, to pray, to live, work and enjoy life in the land of their forefathers.  And that is the problem with the Middle East.

While naturally I do not believe Jews are the problem, it’s clearly a true illustration. The world must realize that the days of Jewish weakness are over. In 1967, the Jewish state was attacked by a much larger Arab world, and it fought back and won, and now, the world hates it for not just surviving, but for thriving. Perhaps Jews should move back to Warsaw, Kiev, and Paris – All cities where Jews have been killed en masse.

Instead, the Jews of Israel can allow its people to survive and thrive.  Having just returned from a trip to Israel, which included a visit to Hebron, I saw nothing but Jewish families, who are proud to be Jewish, want to play, work, pray and live.  The “West Bank” settlers aren’t placing suicide bombs, endangering Western civilization or killing babies – They have the right to live anywhere they choose.

“The truth is that if Israel were to put down its arms there would be no more Israel. If the Arabs were to put down their arms there would be no more war.” Benjamin Netanyahu