This week I wrote an article entitled “Five Proud 20th Century Jews Who Changed the World” which has had my email inundated with responses about why I chose certain people. From neglecting Freud, Marx, and others, or naming Ze’ev Jabotinsky over other Zionists, indeed I heard about it.

Perhaps part of the purpose of writing articles like this is simply to share positive messages with and about the Jewish people. Even though I own a PR Agency, much like reporters, indeed I am biased. My selections are surely influenced by my world view:

Albert Einstein - Prod 20th Century Jews by Ronn Torossian

Albert Einstein is simply a genius. He was creative, non-traditional and out of the box. The iconic picture of him sticking his tongue out hangs in my office. And his name is forever associated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Marc Chagall

Marc Chagall made my list – as anyone who has ever seen his art can understand. My recent trip to the South of France (which I wrote about in Times of Israel) undoubtedly influenced this selection.

Elie Wiesel is someone who would be on everyone’s iconic Jewish list. He tells the stories of the 6 Million who were slaughtered.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson is also a consensus choice. He’s the most influential American Jewish leader undoubtedly of the last 50 years. His organization continues to thrive even after his death.
Ze’ev Jabotinsky has always been a hero for me. As a former National President of Betar North America, had to choose this valiant Zionist.

And it is ok if you disagree with me – share it, speak about it. Be passionate about Jewish issues. Sometimes indeed the 2 Jews, 3 opinions is right-on.

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