So Ken Livingstone, the left’s own cheeky chappie, quizzically blinked at the cameras as he strolled into the night air following his disciplinary hearing. But despite the assembled crowd encroaching into his space it turned out as Shakespeare might say “Much Ado About Nothing.”  All that was expelled was hot air  from Livingstone who gasped as he realised he had got away with it again.
In today’s Labour Party guilty as charged on three separate accounts is not enough to warrant an expulsion if the charges involve anti-Semitism.
Just a further years suspension.
This verdict in the short term this will make Labour’s position in the country worse with nationwide local elections to be held just weeks away in May. But it is my belief that it wasn’t vacillation but calculation which lead to what on the surface seem a daft sentence.
Today’s Labour party is no longer the party of Blair and Brown. Not even the party of Michael Foot. It’s hard left with the emphasis on the word hard.
Those who disparage democracy have a lot in common be they of the left or the right. Both believe in dictatorship but by different people.
Ideologically they are closer in outlook than most of us realise. Both of them hate the canary in the cage — The Jew.
Where Jews have no freedom there is rarely freedom for anyone else.People with  extremist political views are in it for the long haul.
 This is the beauty of their beliefs and what drives them on..there is always tomorrow.
So if Jeremy Corbyn gets a tanking at the next general election  with Labour becoming little more than a rump in Parliament it will be a success.
A success for those  who glanced enviously into Parliament  wanting  to get in to destroy it.
These people  will have greater representation  than ever  before.
 Once Labour smugly thought it could sit and watch as UKIP took the Tories apart. Now those same UKIP tanks are  are firmly fixed on Labour’s ground. l Labour will do its self no harm if their anti immigrant Brexit voters can be persuaded back home and to  stay with them.
A jab  at the Jews, who are the perennial fall guys can surely do the party no harm.
So Labour are increasingly becoming not only a “Judenfrei” party but one where all the leavers of power are vested in  the hands of a few ideologues.
Livingstone , who is banned from holding office for a year , does not need it to prosper. He is constantly in demand and holds a fascination for both young and old alike.
They call it charisma and I have seen him surrounded admiringly by Jewish teenagers at the Sternberg Centre after he gave an address which ended with those same teens parents eating out of his hand.
it has been a long journey for local councillor Ken. I am minded of George Orwell’s book Animal Farm, which the author said he modelled on the Russian Revolution through to the years of Stalin. It ends  with the following: “The creatures outside looked from man to pig and from pig to man again but it was already impossible to say which was which.”
Labour and fascists after Livingstone’s ravings how apt.