It is no secret that life is far from easy. At any given moment something that you least expect may come your way. Learning how to cope with a situation that makes you feel upset or hurt is a talent that I have yet to acquire.

Often too stressed to even understand how I truly feel, I frequently resort to closing myself off to people without expressing what is bothersome. After spending an extended amount of time in Israel over the past years, and by surrounding myself with Israelis both in America and Israel, I have slowly but surely come to understand the Israeli phenomenon of being extremely straight to the point and of the “yeheyeh beseder’’ mentality.

Questioning your thoughts and hiding them from others only makes a situation worse. Not saying it how it is prevents any possible dialogue that could potentially make the situation better for both parties involved.

By applying the Israeli method of saying it how it is, there are no secrets. By saying what is in your heart and in your mind you let the other person know exactly how you are feeling. Though the outcome may not be what you hoped for, you have ultimately succeeded in that you have expressed your inner struggle.

As I begin my senior year and find myself already troubled with the stress of schoolwork, exams, leadership positions, social life, and etc. I vow to myself to become more Sabra, to express straight up how I feel to others in more of the Israeli way and to trust that everything really will be besder! The truth is, life is way too short to live feeling upset or bothered.