Days like these that remind me of Bob Dylan’s “Times they are a changing” song.  Governments can no longer force peace on its citizens. In spite of the best efforts and intentions, militant terrorists are still decapitating innocent souls, and streaming this terror on the internet, that galvanize the fundamentalists, while instilling terror and fear in the masses. At the first sign of Arab Spring, no peace fabric can be woven tightly enough to impede the virulent weed-like forces from piercing through it.

You may wonder how this affects us. For over two thousand years, we have been on a secret spiritual mission to weed out hate and sow the seeds of peace. We have been extending our Wandering Jew shoots from our common Jewish roots into Egypt and the rest of the Nations of the world. These Jewish roots do not belong to us; they have a heavenly purpose and must be strengthened and fortified, for what lies ahead.

The weed-like forces are thawing and putting the kind of intense pressure on the Arab nations that they have never felt before. There will be no other choice but for hungry stardust souls to tap the deepest Islam roots back into the Garden.