PRESIDENT TRUMP has some pretty IGNORANT Jewish advisors.

Not all Reform and Conservative Jews hate the president, nor do most Orthodox Jews support him.

The phone call to the Orthodox rabbis and groups was appreciated, but I offered to open it up to individual Reform and Conservative rabbis. No response was given to this from the Trump organization.

Almost 40% – 50% of ORTHODOX JEWS voted FOR Hillary. Why must Trump advisors keep irritating the Reform and Conservative Jews and rabbis by specifically mentioning that their organizations refused to participate in the call.

It does not mean individual rabbis from these movements did not want to participate. At least 70% of Jews vote Democrat. If anything, you on Facebook can comment directly to your rabbi or board if you are unhappy that they support Democrats openly in your synagogue. I was not invited by the “black hats” to listen in on the conference call. I doubt if President Trump or his black hat advisors even know I exist. .

Rabbi for Trump.