How many times have I visited your beautiful country with a twinge of

remorse, however, since I knew that the Inquisition was the devilish

creation of Isabel the Catholic and Ferdinand. How Christian could they

have been to devise such cruelty?

Surely Jesus, the Jewish rabbi, Mary and Joseph, his Jewish parents

must have turned in their graves after what they did to their people!

How I loved Seville, Cordoba and Granada, Ronda and Malaga,

with their quaint old city centers, called the judería! – yes, the Jewish

town! How pleasant were my vacations in your lovely Balearic Islands

and in your splendid Canaries, Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Santa Cruz!

What delicious time I had in Barcelona and in Madrid, visiting your

stupendous monuments, the Prado and Toledo, with its ancient

synagogue. I could go on and on with praises about your country, so

varied, so colorful and so passionate, with its unequalled flamenco and

its corridas – the pageantry, not the pain they inflict on the bulls, which is

absolutely disgraceful!


I could have started by using the civil formula: dear Spaniards,

but I won’t, if I can trust the statistics -I know, they are often manipulated-

pretending that 75% of you people are still antisemitic in this year of

grace 2014. There are so few Jews left in your country and yet, like many

Poles and Russians, you hate them, by sheer ignorance, sheer jealousy

and sheer superstition.


I remember that a couple of years ago you had a monstrous Gay Pride

and you excluded the Israeli gays, because you were crying for those

poor Palestinians, whom ignoramuses that you are, would hang or at

least imprison any homosexual who would dare reveal his tendencies.


Your government, after half a millenium, in its worst economic crisis this

century, intends handing out free Spanish passports to millions of

Sephardic Jews worldwide  (‘Sepharad’ meaning ‘Spain’ in Hebrew),

why is that since, you dislike them so much?

Because you have learned that tiny Israel is a start-up country and that it

has the highest number of scientific and medical researchers per

inhabitant in this planet, with the highest number of Nobel prizes (yes,

these are for peace and social advancement) of any ethnic group?

Because you wish to use their brains fo your benefit, while still hating


I myself am a Sephardic Jew, of Italian extraction, and my elders still

speak that lovely ‘ladino’ or, more correctly said, Judeo-Spanish

language, which you are now studying in your universities, for it is part of

your rich linguistic heritage.

I speak both languages and love reading in Spanish, but this letter must

be written in English for the majority of people who will read this, to know

what I am talking about.

Some claim that Cervantes, your greatest novelist, may have been

Jewish – God forbid! that maybe Christofer Columbus’s mother may also

have been Jewish – God forbid

Of course, if that was the case – I cannot vouch for it -, they had to

convert to Catholicism in order to be politically accepted, while the few

that have remained in Spain  after the Inquisition bore the name of

‘marranos’ (pigs in English) but they were never really accepted in your

midst, for their blood was ‘impure’, the Nazis imitated you and we all

know, except for the negationists who claim the contrary, how they tried

to wipe out the Jews, from neonates to old folks, their culture and their

faith, in history’s most atrocious genocide.

Damn you Spain, damn you Hitler, for all your satanic deeds, but we

won’t let anyone follow in your steps, whatever your arguments and

whatever you think about Israel.


If what follows is correct, i.e., if you indeed still have festivals in northern

Spain, called ‘Kill the Jews’, which is also the name of a village and a

drink, then folks,  you’d better prepare for a most vicious retaliation

equalled by your stupidity and inanity.

Here is the link I have received from a Black American poet friend of

mine, and I invite any reader of these lines to open it:

Again, if this is true, then you ought to be ashamed of yourselves,

behaving like this  in the twenty first century, and if you are not, then you

are truly retarded imbeciles.


A call to all Sephardic Jews: don’t fall into that trap, for if you do, you’ll

regret it till the end of your days, feeling how unwanted you would really


A musical song mentions that ‘the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain’

I would add ‘the heart of Spain ought to receive a brand new graft’

The funny thing is that many antisemitic Spaniards don’t even know

or wish to know that their ancestors may have been Jews – Oh, no, God


E viva España! La de la buena gente, de los que quieren a los Judíos,

sus hermanos!

PS: 25 May 2014

And if this weren’t enough, read the thousands of antisemitic tweets Spaniards wrote after Maccabi beat their team.

Now, this letter is also addressed to the Spanish government, the Spanish church and the Education Minister, who, obviously are partly responsible for such criminal utterances.

What the hell do young Spaniards learn at school, or in church, for so many to hate the Jews like that?  After a match?  Where is the sportsmanship, the fairplay?  Those thousands of morons who didn’t even know what Jews looked like, since there are so few left in their country, have this sickness stamped in their DNA.  If they are Christians or believers, or atheists, for that matter, they will surely go to a place that looks like Hell when they leave this world – this is being said by an agnostic who questions the existence of God.

See the article referring to these incredibly stupid and ignorant people, who surely have incurable psychological problems :