It’s a little sad to read the different commentators of the presidential campaign commentating on the recent polls favoring Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama.

President Obama did have a bad debate. He lost the debate on perception. Obama was tired, not focused, unhappy, uninterested and it showed on TV. It is never what they say, its how they look that has an impact on viewers. I’m sure that for the next debate, his staff is working mostly on his attitude.

But the problem is with journalists and specifically commentators, who are supposed to be more experienced journalists. They are hysterical over the “lose of the debate” about the “massive change in polls”. They are supposed to be the “experienced adults” of news coverage.

Perception is something that changes with the tide. It comes and goes. It goes left, it goes right. When EVERYBODY is writing about how poorly Obama did in the in the debate, it will influence perception. It is also quoted by conservatives everywhere. It also does a good service that the Romney campaign sorely needs, as they are running a poor campaign with of a poor contender.

These experienced journalists should also know the polls are as reliable as todays newspaper at 11am. It’s only useful in the fish market. Polls are only good to push an issue, to promote an agenda, to influence people. It is a tool for propaganda, not as reliable prediction of results. And it is working. When everyone is writing the Romney leads Obama in the polls, it influences perception. Even though it is unreliable.

So all those hysterical liberal commentators, worrying about Obama winning another 4 years are actually doing a good service for Romney. This is laughable, but true.

The Obama campaign needs to focus on 3 things to win the elections: GOP war on women, Romney’s 47% and immigration policy & rights. If the campaign will deal with these 3 main issues, Obama will win these elections. This is the core targets Obama needs to get.

If they continue to focus on sending donation emails and holding celebrity events, if they will try to push for the message that Romney is a liar, unexperienced, zig-zagger, Obama will lose.

The Romney campaign has an easier job. If they can hide their nominee, if they can keep him quite, avoiding more silly comments, he will be the next president. To the delight of Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

After running a very poor campaign, I really hope the Obama campaign wakes up and does the right thing in the last 4 weeks.