Seems like liberals – and the liberal elite media – support democracy in the Middle East, except when it doesn’t go their way. Indeed, in Israel there is a democracy, and a right-wing government.  Despite this, The New York Times continues to write editorials which essentially mirror the party line of Meretz, an extreme left-wing party with minimal support in The Jewish State.

Today’s paper has an op-ed by Roger Cohen which supports positions supported by barely no one in the State of Israel. In passing, he mentions that the Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin “says he cannot understand how “to release terrorists and murderers with blood on their hands is something good for peace” but “building a kindergarten in Judea and Samaria is worse for peace.”  And indeed, these are wise words which this PR Firm CEO says can resonate worldwide and is a good message for Israel to use.

It is par for the course – Cohen wrote an article in August 2011 which was a now low of Jewish self-hatred. He essentially said Anti-Semitism exists because of the “West Bank.”  And now, after the Arab Spring, surely Syrians are killing each other because of a few Jews in Judea & Samaria. Makes sense.

One may wonder why Obama isn’t being attacked by liberals for refusing to meet with Putin and saying America will “take a pause, reassess where it is that Russia is going” and allowing tensions with Russia to reach a new level of tension. Obama, who pressures Israel constantly apparently, realizes that at times there may be items on which not to negotiate.

Perhaps Obama should show good will towards Russia by endorsing Assad and allowing the butcher to stay in power? That seems to be a minor sticking point?  And tell Putin to keep Snowden.  And then maybe America and Russia will have peace?

Ronn Torossian