Things you can do in life

Or: How to build a good legacy for the future

The thing Hamas wants more than life

What Hamas Wants

Life is short. You can spend it in conflict or in love.

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According to the former Dalai Lama, and I’m paraphrasing here, people spend the first half of their life ignoring their health and happiness for wealth, fame and power, and the second half of their life using all of their wealth, fame and power to save their health and happiness. So wouldn’t it be wiser to begin investing in your health and happiness at an early age?

People make choices every day about what they want to do at that very moment. Rarely do they make choices about what they want to accomplish one, ten, or thirty years from now. And that explains why banks and government are necessary evils in so many people’s lives.

You can learn a lot from a child who has a lot to learn. Chief among them, is unconditional love, and coming in not far behind, are unbridled joy and curiosity. Stay in touch with these primary things, and you may well smile through much of life. Lose touch with these things, and you may well go through life being angry at yourself, even if you only manage to blame others for your foolishness.

Full disclosure: When not imparting life lessons with a smile during the sadness of wartime, Yasha Harari has written music and composed songs of peace, love and war, performed for millions of people, built and torn down homes in Jerusalem and invested in music, the internet, media and political organizations in the U.S., Europe and Israel.