Here are a few shorter poems I have written regarding the Shoah, written in the 1970s and 1980s.

Like Milk and Meat

It’s like milk and meat nowadays,
or at least it should be:
some people wait a few hours,
some a little less,
between a Holocaust book
and an ice cream cone.

It’s strange there’s no formal law
of waiting.
Forty years after the War,
there should be a rule.


A studentfriend who may have learned from me
to read the writings on the wall
reported faithfully a recent contribution
to the underground of wisdom

Between the Jesussaves and posters for the lottery
somewhere on a newyork subway there was written


Mine is not to poecize a meaning
(too many butchering words are written)

I do best to sit in silence

European Delicacy

Yitzchak took his tea
in Yohrzeit glasses.
“It reminds me,”
he said,
placing a lump of sugar
between his teeth