The first rocket has been launched since the abominable pact between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority was signed. This rocket is a sordid reminder that any coalition formed between the terrorist organization and the lame excuse for Palestinian leadership is obviously no more than a symbolic gesture, a sick mockery of how serious they take the security of their own people and ours and a big “F” you to the Israeli leadership that continues to believe in making concessions.

I’m not sure who I am more embarrassed for, those who think this new coalition means anything progressive or those who really still believe that freezing settlements and giving up land is still a tool for negotiating anything.

Yair Lapid recently announced at the Herzliyah Conference his plan for peace talks which involves three stages: “preparations,” (freezing settlements) “trust building,” and the final stage, “agreement.” How cute. The celebrity thinks he is being original by perpetuating the dovish and unrealistic approach to the Israeli-Palestinian peace plan that has already failed in the hands of many leaders before him.

Let’s get things straight, Lapid. First of all, the people you are trying to build trust with just built a coalition with Hamas. I don’t want to be condescending but they are TERRORISTS. How much more of a joke can him and anyone else who believes in this peace doctrine make of themselves by actually believing that “trust building” with any faction of the PA can be possible?! They just shook hands with the men who send rockets at our people! I’m getting so sick of the liberalists who stand before the Israeli people after everything they’ve endured under the reign of terror and tell them to make sacrifices, concessions, ask them to trust. Maybe this could have had some standing if the PA was the only other actor at the other side of the table, maybe in a world where they recognized Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State. But they are no longer the sole negotiators we are dealing with, and any sliver of legitimacy they may have had is now tarnished.

In the geo-political climate of today’s Middle-East, with the rise of Islamism, a way of life that is reminiscent of the dark ages, there is no room for trust. Now that the PA is officially tied to a group who encompasses and breeds Islamism, there is only room for suspicion and pessimism towards our adversaries, and that is a tragedy but also a reality.

A society that teacher their young to value death over life does not warrant trust. I feel silly stating something so obvious, how can our leaders ignore the fact that our negotiating partners have joined political forces with people who care more about our destruction than building a flourishing society and who receive funding  and weapons from Iran!? Making concessions is nice when you receive your end of the bargain, but we won’t, because Hamas is not actually interested in how much land we secede or how much trust we have to build. They have always and will always want more than the Israeli leadership is able to give because they are irrational. And you cannot rationalize with irrational people.

Has everyone forgotten what happened in 2006 in the Gaza Strip? Hamas wasn’t just interested in waging Jihad against Israelis; they mercilessly slaughtered their own people. What is to say they won’t engage in a similar struggle against the PA? But we must build trust, Yair says.

Luckily, Israel has leaders like Bibi Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett, Dani Dayan, and Gideon Saar who also spoke in Herzliyah in critique of peace plan fairytales like Lapid’s. Although they may disagree on some of the fundamental ways to maneuver a solution to the everlasting instability in our country, they share a realistic and pragmatic understanding of what we are dealing with.

At the Conference, MK Dani Dayan stated, “The idea that Israel can adopt the Arab Peace Initiative is completely outrageous, and it’s not because I’m opposed to the two state formula. It’s the most aesthetic, beautiful diplomatic formula ever devised. But it has only two shortcomings: it’s unattainable and if it’s attainable then it’s not a solution. It’s a prelude for another belligerent conflict in which Israel is in a much weaker situation…”

The relentless over-ambition of Israel’s left to devise unattainable peace plans appears to be pro-active. The job of the right wing is much harder, because unlike our friend Lapid, they don’t have easy answers; it is more of a challenge to think realistically than to embrace idealism. Pragmatism doesn’t leave a lot of room for a solution that everyone will be happy with; it recognizes that people can’t be trusted and leaves us with the only option of being hawks.

I hope that the Israeli people continue to support leaders like these, which also include our newly elected President Reuven Rivlin, who emphasize the implications and realities of what is brewing in the Palestinian Leadership today, and that the public doesn’t fall to the dangerous blindness that the doves will continue to waste our time with.