We had a great program tonight to begin a meaningful Tisha B’av experience at Beit Yehudit (ICCY) in Jerusalem’s German Colony entitled: Personal Lamentations – Tisha B’Av Readings – run by the Ginot Hair Community Center and Deena Levenstein of Habitza.com

On our national  day of mourning our losses – Tisha Be’Av … let us sharpen our listening skills to our Divine Presence … and our fellow mortal.

Are we listening to each other?

– Are You there?

I need comfort, I need to be heard.

– Where are You?

I pour out my heart with my losses. I talk to You.

– Are You there?

So much to tell, a burden to be relieved.

– Where are You?

My losses, my pain, too much to share.

– Are You there?

Once I heard how you just want me to listen to You.

– Where was I?

You wanted me to be there for you.

– Was I there?

Any relationship is a partnership.

– Where are we?

Between person and G-d, or person and person.

– We need to share.

— And be there!

~ FE King