Amid the onslaught of random mayhem in Israel, Jews and lovers of Zion should recognize the astounding spirit of resilience that has led Jewry thus far and augurs good in days and decades to come.

Anxious nations the world over tremble, reeling at the sickening horrors of Islamic terrorism whose grisly catalog of massacres develops daily. But despite the common discomposure, in Israel the citizenry exhibits perseverance and a steadfast determination to combat violent extremists and carry on with life as best it can.

Even families who have been directly victimized by terrorism repudiate hopelessness; marriages, Sabbath festivities, and Jewish holiday celebrations continue as part of the normal cycle of life. Lives are tragically disrupted, yet the wider life-world endures.

In the face of those who espouse the curse, Jews choose the blessing. While hateful fanatics outspread darkness, Jews kindle and rekindle light.

Civilization’s declination can be halted in its tracks and reversed by inspirited individuals who insist on creating, building, bridging, honoring, inventing, innovating, renewing, respecting, giving, sharing, befriending, and loving. These are implementable soft measures ensuring societies thrive while defense forces execute hard measures ensuring states survive.

Let the wave of terror against Jews and Israelis be met by a wave of loving-kindness among Jews and Israelis. Along with robust counterterrorism acts, this will unify and fortify the targeted collective, turning would-be victims into victors.

Challenging aggressors who sow chaos and monger fear can take many forms; defiance is evinced within the assailed populace in every handshake and hora, every wedding and childbirth, every rite of passage and milestone, every favor and act of kindness.

“Love” is not a word in the limited lexis of terrorists. Every time the humane adhere to the dictum of love, they attenuate the diktat of terror. Love is the ultimate resistance.

L’Chaim, and Chag Chanukah Sameach!