Mia Bengel's Twitter Account featuring Christina Hendrickson Photo

Indeed, part of peace (and war) is communications. And with the world’s eyes watching Jerusalem for the resumption of peace talks between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs, there has been a media blackout imposed. Clearly, Tzipi Livni, leading the Israeli delegation is someone who may be able to shed light and help anyone seeking information on Israel and Israel’s positions.

Against that backdrop, Mia Bengel serves as Livni’s spokesperson. According to her Twitter account, she is “Press secretary and spokeswoman for the minister of justice,” yet her tweets don’t fit her important sounding title. A simple review of her Twitter account would leave one doubting that Israel is a Start-Up Nation. Perhaps Bengel is only supposed to tweet Hebrew updates, in which case she still isn’t doing much on a consistent basis.

Public Relations pros should regularly prime the media with information, and release information of interest. In that category, yet again Israel’s PR pros fail. As an aside, Bengel uses a picture of Christina Hendricks (of Mad Men) for her Twitter picture. Couldn’t, say, an Israeli flag be a better representative of the State of Israel? Or at least Israeli models Bar Rafaeli or Gal Gadot?

Ronn Torossian