As we embark on a great debate about what to do with the killer regime in Syria, there is one path that would involve no bloodshed, no international hand wringing, would arrest the Syrian government’s use of chemicals to suppress its citizens, and would capture the attention of Iran, among other interested parties, who are  threatening the world with extinction.

Family means something to Bashar al Assad as it does to many people, even heads of state, and while he has projected a public aura of calm and benign assurance even while he kills his own people, there is a bad apple lurking in the Assad barrel that the President  doesn’t talk about with people outside of Syria. But the people of Syria know him all too well..

Maher al Assad, brother of the President, has a reputation for being the killer without bothering with any of the outward appearances of civility or humanity. He doesn’t hesitate to shoot his relatives, well, his brother in law,  but he is the natural bully, the brother to whom Bashar turns when there is something dirty to be done.

He  commands the revolutionary guard and several other units , one of which we know was responsible for the use of Saran gas to kill all those civilians last week.

Of all those whose policies align with the stated American purpose of stopping this genocide in Syria, Turkey stands as the country most serious about getting rid of Assad. If they can get rid of the Saran attacks, so be it.

What if Turkish rangers , or whatever they call their special forces, get into Syria, capture brother  Maher, take him out of the country and immediately transfer him to the Hague to stand trial for his use of the Saran gas on the civilians. War crimes!

This would assure that President Bashar would begin a revaluation of his own future, would ensure that Hezbollah becomes more isolated, would move the moderate President of Iran to follow even with quicker dispatch his stated path of reconciliation with the west, and would let Israel  begin to relax. A little.