This week, talks resumed with the Palestinian Authority,

The time has come to ask Israel PM Benyamin Netanyahu to  follows through with vital issues with the PA:

The more feedback Israel’s PM gets, in individually written letters, the better it is for the country. 

1. Will PM Netanyahu demand that the PA reform its education system and ask that donor nations to PA Ministry of Education that they condition their funding with an end to the current PA war curriculum?

2. Will PM Netanyahu ask that Abbas denounce his “Holocaust PHD” and ask that the PA take it off the shelves of their schools.

3. Will PM Netanyahu ask that handed over byIsraelto the PA – not to be used to produce incitement-driven PA schools, radio, and Israel Apartheid Week, financed through the PA Ministries of Education, Communications, & Culture.

4. Will PM Netanyahu demand that UNRWA and the PA stop promoting RIGHT OF RETURN?

5. Since the premise of theOsloprocess was that “PA would fight Hamas” will PM Netanyahu demand that the PA cancel PA-Hamas cooperation?

6. PLO never ratified theOslo“Declaration of Principles”. Will PM Netanyahu demand that PLO do so?

7. The PLO never canceled PLO Covenant. Will theIsraeldemanding that the PLO do so?

8. The Israel Ministry of Defense has determined that Gaza schools promote terror and since the Israel security establishment has determined that the Gaza regime uses the bulk of cement deliveries to buttress terror infrastructure, yet the Israeli Minister of Defense authorizes unrestricted Israeli cement deliveries from Israel’s “Nesher” Cement Conglomerate to Gaza – 76 schools in Gaza in November and 170 buildings in December. Will Netanyahu examine influence of “Nesher” on IDF policy?

9.  Will Netanyahu ask foreign nations to desist from financing PLO advocacy organizations?