Madame Tussauds has decided to forgo asking Mark Zuckerberg to come in for measurement taking.

Instead, it has asked the Facebook CEO if it would be possible for him to pose inside their wax figure celebs section during office hours. They are confident that he will agree as he’s always advocated working away from the office and it would be very profitable for them.

If you want one solid proof that being too much on social media makes or leaves you socially awkward, look no further.

You can say about President Trump whatever you will, but his hearing will be a whole lot more dramatic and juicy.

The real danger of Facebook, the giant digital elephant on the Senate floor, is not privacy violation but the degrading and soul-destroying virtual and addictive alternative that it claims to give for human interaction, closeness and friendship.

But Zuckerberg was not the only one behaving ridiculously. Look at these photographers giving a picture perfect image of the great advantages of Capitalism’s competition. (Enlarge the pic. Some half a dozen of the photogs are left outside of this frame.)

A ridiculous number of 44 out of 100 Senators spend their five minutes of allotted speaking time with speeches and questions, designed to show their watching constituents that they understand the issues.

And Mr. Facebook repeated faithfully the mantras he trained for:

  1. I’m very polite – Don’t you like me?
  2. Generally (don’t catch me on my words) there will be no problem soon — Viewers, please stay on Facebook. And
  3. We will be happy to work with the Senate to regulate — To prevent the Senate taking matters in its own hands.

Self-regulation had obviously failed. His goal was not to cooperate but rather by seeming very responsible and offering to cooperate to stave off being regulated on. If you can’t fight them, join them.

Despite his awkwardness, Mr. Zuckerberg is a slick communicator. Or actually: non-communicator. Like any seasoned politician, he uses question to foremost say what he wants to get across. Even when asked point-blank to answer “yes or no,” he often comes with a story. When given a speech but asked no question, he provides no answer. He kept stressing how the information leaked was really public and innocent and with consent, never mind that any Facebook beginner cannot have a clue how to keep private on it. For instance: when you make all your “friends” invisible, anyone becoming your “friend” sees all the others anyway. And when they don’t, they still see whose messages are in your account.

As already predicted by Representative Pallone on the second day of his hearing, it was again a toothless circus with only a few exception, like on the first day by Senator Booker.

The Dutch have an expression for such a ceremony:

Ze dronken een glas, en deden een plas en alles bleef zoals het was

In English: They drank a wee, and had a pee and everything stayed as things were to be. What a bloody waste of time!

My criticism of Mr. Zuckerberg does not include the way he manages his wealth.

I had some worry that I’m old-fashioned for not being on Facebook, but a 17-year old who’s neither, just told me “Facebook is for old people.” I’m just in the company I wonna be.