Where is our rage over desperate babies torn from their hopeless mommas’ arms? Unwanted immigrants, ruthlessly denied the protection and caring of their parents? Cruel, unconscionable, unimaginable in the Land that that opens her arms and invites,
“Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

BROTHERS AND SISTERS OF MY TRIBE: Isn’t this precisely the same helplessness and grief that our own people suffered less the century ago? And, who listened? Who cared? The putative “Free World”? And, I daresay, not much better even from our own Mishpocha?

We know better than anyone the horror of children grabbed from their mothers’ bosoms, of forcible dislocation, of cruelty and atrocity.
NOW 1,500 BABIES ARE SIMPLY LOST. Where? Who cares? Do not be afraid to say it: “This is the prelude to the Third Reich tapping at our door.”

Will we brothers and sisters, no matter our affluence, still remember their bitter cries? Will they lead to our own outrage? advocacy? protests? Or are they immaterial, because the cries come from Mr. Trump’s “animals,” not members of our human family.

IF I HELP TAKING THE LEAD, are you with me?

Marc Wiludjanski-Wilson is a retired rabbi who blogs from Greenville, SC