I watched a few hours of Mr Netanyahu, Mr Abbas, and various global dignitaries at Paris Grand Synagogue today and got violently angry (this is unrelated to USG’s MIA at the Paris memorial, even as Mr Holder was in Paris) about the Judaification (as I describe below) of these attacks on Western freedom

This attack on Western freedom, via self-styled Islamics, who decided that **they** are the arbiter for **all** of humanity over ‘blasphemy’ (I submit that Islam can discipline only its own) is NOT about murdered Jews; and so to Judaify, as the memorial did, at a Synagogue, denies the essence of the matter, the attack on Westernism, ie freedom. We would not all be Charlie if Charlie were merely Kosher shoppers

The matter IS Judaified of course, the 2nd act included killing four of us, and lest we miss the point, in an Erev Shabbat kosher shopping moment.

I submit that the PURPOSE of this 2nd act, the Jew-killing, is to drown the attack on Westernism, distract from its essence, under Jew-killing, ‘nothing to see, move along ‘

I think the shooters, for now, knew they had overshot, as it were, and recovered by drowning these anti-freedom killings under the permanent hatred of Jews, ‘oh a few more here and there, yawn’

and So Mr Netanyahu, and the rest of us should refuse to Judaify these killers of freedom

A simple word to the effect would suffice, or maybe a hundred complex words

Also ‘terrorist’ is outdated and was always imprecise, we need in its place ‘Islam-driven- religious murder’