On Thursday, August 22, 2013, members of the Meretz political party faction of the Israeli Knesset met with PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas, whose term as the elected leader of the Palestinian Authority finished three years ago.

Meretz is a political party which endorses the concept of ceding areas of the land of Israel to the PLO, in exchange for peace.

In a statement broadcast on the 11PM August 22 newsreel of the “Voice of Israel” Israel Broadcasting Authority Radio, Meretz Knesset leader Zahava Galon read out Abbas’s policy statement delivered to Meretz that he would relinquish the PLO vision of the “right of return” to the areas lost in 1948- Tzfat, Jaffa, Acre, BeerSheva, and more. However, Galon and other Meretz MK’s did not ask Abbas to repeat that statement in Arabic on the “Voice of Palestine”‘ – the PBC Palestine Broadcasting Corporation radio or TV network,in the Arabic language, where the uncompromising “right of return” is broadcast almost every day as a practical poltical agenda for the Palestinian people to adere to.

Meretz did not ask Abbas to change the curriculum for the PA and UNRWA educational system, in the new school year, where the

PA/UNRWA school curriculum is based on the “Right of Return” through the “armed struggle” to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine

Here are some resources in that regard: http://israelbehindthenews.com/bin/content.cgi?ID=5620&q=1

The time has come to challenge Galon about the credibility of the reassurance that they received from Abbas, who has facilitated a society which is being prepared for total war with Israel, to liberate Palestine, all of Palestine.

This is not a right wing issue.

This is reality, ignored and played down by the Oslo process advocates for 20 years.

Abbas is a better master of disinformation than Arafat. Abbas is a well dressed charming man who will say the right thing in English for delegations that visit him. He knows that visitors will not ask the right questions.

Meanwhile, Abbas’s reassurances now dominated the Israeli media, let alone the foreign press. .