The issue is not whether Arab workers should be employed in Israel.

The issue at hand is that the GSS , Israel’s “General Security Services” do not provide Israeli employers with info on possible criminal records of potential workers.

That is same GSS that approved the release of more than 9,000 unrepentant convicts over the past 20 years, mostly for political reasons.

I knew the guy who tried to murder Yehudah Glick at the Begin Center.

The assailant was a charming fellow who actually worked at the Begin Center. He was helpful and efficient when our agency organized a few programs over there.

How would his employers know that he had “served time”?

Encl. is a film of interviews with murder convicts that our agency produced in 2006, which includes killers now free and looking for work.

“For the Sake of Allah”

They know Hebrew, they work hard & want to support their families.

One problem in the CV of  9,000+ Arabs who may be seeking work:

They believe in murdering Jews.