If we had a fully functioning press today, perhaps someone would try to discern the inner workings of the minds of our peace partners. It might be hard to work out what Bibi is thinking, but we should also try to really get into the mindset of the crack negotiating team Abbas is sending to Washington.

Thankfully we have bloggers like Raheem at Tradingcentral.com and Aussie Dave at Israellycool. This all flows from a tweet by Oren Kessler who conducted extensive research into Dr Mohammad Shatayyeh, one of the Palestinian negotiating team.

Essentially, he clicked on his Facebook page and looked to see if he aspires to take over the whole of Israel.

And Aussie Dave wasn’t too happy with the first thing he saw (image below). As Dave writes:

Yeah, that’s the entire map of Israel covered in the Arabic for “Palestine” (Filastin). In other words, he is basically saying the opposite of what I fabricated on Livni’s page – “We will pretend to negotiate for peace, but only as a means to an end. The end being the destruction of Israel and, in its place, a Palestinian state in the entire land.”

Dave likens this to clicking on Tzipi Livini’s page and seeing a statement in English declaring “Pretend to negotiate for peace but only as a step to  our true aim: taking over the entire land by force”.

Read Dave’s whole piece, including what Tzipi Livini’s Facebook page would look like if Jews entered negotiations like Arabs.

Screen grab of the Facebook page of Mohammad Shtayyeh. Image Credit: Israellycool.com

Screen grab of the Facebook page of Mohammad Shtayyeh. Image Credit: Israellycool.com


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