Let’s take a very uncharitable view of these proceedings in Washington and assume that this new peace initiative, the one that is only now just starting out, will end its days much like all the others.

To expect these negotiations to keep going for as long as one month, let alone nine, indicates a level of optimism bordering on the more advanced stages of lunacy. Motivation towards agreement of any sort may well be present but the odds against such an outcome can only increase exponentially as one new dawn gives way to the next. Indeed, the longer negotiations continue, the more likely it is that they will become submerged in the morass of intrigue, subterfuge and chicanery that has ever been the hallmark of such deliberations right from the very beginning.

So, having disposed of every realistic chance to move matters anywhere but backwards, do any other options remain that might yet provide a basis for moving us all forward?


Why bother with all the fuss and furore of talks that may go on for months, arguments that will never die, mindsets that cannot change and a conflict that has absolutely zero possibility of terminating in any manner other than with the most extreme, apocalyptic level of violence imaginable?

And, if it does all have to end that way, then never let it be said that there was no choice in the matter and an equitable exit strategy, after 65 years of searching, still could not be found.