I have a Dream! (Der Himmelsgarten) (c) 2014 Marc Daniels

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PR Newswire


As a result of my background, my experience, my sense of reason, and my élan, I believe I have acquired a fresh approach for rooting out hatred in the world once and for all.  It corresponds to the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech, delivered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963. In 1979, a great friend of mine, Gerd Horstmann, traveled to Washington D.C. to present Jimmy Carter with one hundred specially grown hybrid Camp David Peace Roses. On the following day, he flew to Israel, to present the Israeli Knesset with these same hybrid roses.

This was a gesture of commemoration, of good will, and of peace. Times have changed, the conflicts in the world have become more acute and there is a lot more at stake. The time has come to take gardening to a brand new level—one which involves the process and not just the work product. Gardening is an activity that knows no borders or cultural separations. We just need to agree upon a common symbol.

After eight years of research and analysis, I have come up with the ideal campaign slogan:  “Weed Out Hate”. This will become our global clarion call to action. I have a dream to present the White House gardens with a commemorative pear tree surrounded by a patch of weeds. Children from all over the world would be invited to weed out hate for themselves, their countries and the planet.  Every time a child learns to weed with this kind of intention a spiritual color comes to life within the sensation for the very first time. Just imagine the kind of high definition picture of the inner ecology of the spirit that could be perceived by all of us if the President were to ask every child on the planet to weed out hate in one televised TV Moment. Humanity would begin to feel the inner ecology of the spirit that unites versus harping on the external colors that divide.

I have a dream to present Barack Obama, the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient, a Ross Root Feeder. That invention of my grandfather, that has brought so many individuals closer to nature, would now serve a much higher purpose. Penetrating through the root matrix of the surface root matrix this tool trains a tree to tap its roots at the deepest levels. It irrigates and aerates the soil and facilitates the regeneration of fauna and flora. Through this process, one develops a very special connection with nature and begins to build upon one’s own inner tree. This is when humankind would begin to understand and accept a spiritual justification for weeds:  We should all develop an urge to extract them, as a symbol for acknowledging and removing our own inner weed seeds of hate embedded within our consciousness.

Through this kind of mega-event, humankind would begin the final stage of harmonizing with nature. For every physical branch, there exists a spiritual root. Whoever, metaphorically speaking, inserts the root feeder, past the weed seeds of egoism, deep into the substrate of human desire, taps into the heavenly source. Just imagine billions of children extracting billions of weeds. Think of the holes and then think of the opportunities to plant billions of sunflowers, ones that would not only help cleanse the ecology of the planet, but help to cleanse our inner garden as well.

Then, we would all experience something really new—a fabric of society that would exist to capture and redistribute all of nature’s bounty throughout the matrix of community gardens in our schools in our neighborhood sub-divisions and in our parks throughout the world. The freedom to pursue this kind of connection with nature would be woven within humanity’s most fundamental bill of rights: the freedom to experience nature’s ultimate love, grace, and altruism. This is a marvelous goal and one worthy of fighting for.

From nature’s perspective, is the lifespan of a human being as short as a bolt of lightning, while a heavenly moment can be perceived to last forever. As a result of this global heavenly moment, humankind would develop a taste for the possibilities of the future, in which hate would become a relic of the past. The inner rainbow with its five colors: red, yellow, green, blue and violet, fading into white light, would begin to be revealed to all of us. The heavenly garden would become just a few heart beats away.