If you open your history books

you will read about the infamous ‘Kristallnacht’

the nazis launched one misty night in November 1938

throughout all the major cities of Germany,

whereby Jewish shops, restaurants and synagogues

were vandalized, pillaged or burnt down.

It is happening all over again here in France,

in Paris, in Sarcelles and in many other localities,

from the north of the country to the south.

This time, the perpetrators are Muslim thugs,

and while they perform these criminal acts, they keep shouting:

«Death to the Jews, we will wipe you out of Europe.»

And again, because of these enraged hordes

this continent, where antisemitism was born

thousands of years ago, is menaced of being ‘Judenrein’,

in other words, cleansed of its Jewish population.

Do you see them demonstrate against what is happening

in Syria, in Irak, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, in Sudan or in Nigeria,

where hundreds of thousands of people get killed every single day,

Muslims against Muslims, Muslims agains Christians?

Where were the Palestinians’ petrol-rich brethern these last 66 years?

Why didn’t they help them, instead of chucking these wretched people

into dismal refugee camps, without running water or electricity?

In Lebanon, they are allowed only the most menial jobs,

they cannot own property, homes or farmlands,

and at night, they must return to their camps

the Saudis, the Irakis and the Syrians

have chased them out of their countries

in Jordan, if you remember the infamous Black September,

during which thousands of Palestinians

were either forced to flee the kingdom

or slaughtered by the Royal police.

The emirates nowadays erect the most beautiful buildings in the world,

using Indian, Filipino, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi and Indonesian slaves

to build them.  These poor laborers, whose passports are taken away,

so that they cannot complain, live in hutches with no air-conditioning,

under temperatures of 45 or even 50 degrees celsius,

they are required to work under such atrocious conditions,

adjusting gold-plated fixtures in sumptuous bathrooms,

adorning floors and walls with Carrara marble in lobbies and

in hotel suites, the size an aristocratic Parisian apartment.

So, where is that Arab solidarity, save for their detestation of Israel?

Do you see those do-gooders in Europe or even in America,

  • look at what happens in British and US university campuses,

where so-called freedom lovers always blame the Israelis

for the suffering of the Palestinians, whose leaders fill their pockets

with the millions of dollars the US and the EU give to help their people.

Did you know how many villas and properties

Mrs Arafat and her family own?

Did you know that the millions Hamas gets in aid go, not to the Gazans,

but to buy Iranian weaponry and to build 1000 new mosques?

Do these ‘saintly’ NGO leaders from the West

ever protest against the Islamists

who murder innocent people in the name of a false Allah?

But the Jews, yes, THEY must be punished,

whatever they do, whether, like in the past,

when they lived among Christians, they had to keep a low profile,

never daring to retaliate against the horrors they endured,

like today, the Israelis, who defend their land, tooth and nail,

thanks to their intelligence and their sophisticated weapons.

What country in the world would allow to be fired at, year in and year out

without defending itself?  The US, the UK, Russia, China, India, Pakistan?

I remember some of my so-called friends

– I’ve learnt to better discriminate –

saying how much they loved the Jews,

 i.e., so long as they shut up and kowtow,

yet, those very same people

loathe the Israelis who fight back when attacked.

For all of this, one has to thank both the European governments

and the media, which, for decades has misinformed its citizens

about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, when the Palestinians,

including Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas, have always found

an excuse not to sign a final peace agreement

or to recognize Israel as the Jewish homeland,

a tiny territory, smaller than Belgium or Maryland in the USA,

when the Arabs hold lands of millions of square miles.

One blatant example of this bias is when you switch on the BBC or RT;

you hear about Hamas ‘militants’,

sending hundreds of rockets into Israel,

when the West has officially declared them a terrorist organization,

but, oh, the public should forget that word, and, of course they do,

for they are never told the truth – Ha, freedom of expression!

it also means freedom to lie and to manipulate the facts.

Thanks to newspapers like The Guardian,

one learns who is the real the boogeyman.  Guess!

The French, the British and the Russian press call Al Qaida,

Boko Haram and the Chechen armed bands, vile terrorists,

whilst for the Jews and the Israelis, Hamas mainly ‘fights for its freedom’,

Hamas, whose charter clearly specifies that Israel and the Jews,

wherever they reside in the world, should be crushed and destroyed,

because Israel, to them, must remain a temporary occupation,

and if you look at their maps, the whole area appears as Palestine,

from Haifa to Tel Aviv, from Jerusalem to Beer Sheva and Eilat.

Today, those European hordes of Muslim origin lash out at the Jews,

tomorrow, and for the coming generations, they will attack anyone

who does not follow their Islamic laws or their way of life, that is to say,

YOU, the miscreants, the infidels, the crusaders, whose parents,

grandparents and ancestors were baptized in church,

because, don’t fool yourselves, they hate your guts more than you know,

and if you don’t wake up, you might find that one day your children

or your grandchildren will live under the horrendous shariah law:

yes, where robbers are maimed,

where raped women get flogged in public,

and where homosexuals get hanged or beheaded,

the way it is done in a dozen countries

in the Middle East and in some African Islamic states.