“Muslims are not a race so hating Muslims cannot be racism” is a popular defense of Muslim haters. (Qui s’excuse, s’accuse, the French say so well: Excusing oneself is accusing oneself.) Well, how that is flawed reasoning, I will now explain.

Some men say that men are also a sex so men cannot be sexists. That is nonsense because sexism doesn’t mean the oppression of a sex. It means the oppression of women.

Quite identically, racism is not the oppression of a race. Rather, it is White prejudices and laws against all other ethnicity, cultures, roots.

US racists have often been obsessed with skin color but that doesn’t define racism. (To be precise, all humans alive for one race, homo sapience sapience.)

On top of that, most Muslims are not White, Western in background, and therefore hating Muslims is racism too. Otherwise, it’s like saying: I’m not anti-Semitic if I’m just against people who circumcise their sons on the eighth day after birth. Well, almost all of them are Jews – and you know it.

“Muslims are not a race so hating Muslims cannot be racism” is just a play on words to deny the obvious. Totally insincere.

So, hating Muslims is racism. Judging someone just because s/he’s a Muslim is racism. Rejecting someone only because s/he’s Muslim is racism. Westerners blaming Muslims in Western countries for Jew-hatred is racism because if the Western majority had a grip on its own Jew-hatred, Muslim animosity against Jews would not exist there.

Zero tolerance for racism. As well done by ABC.